Cooking Vacation

How about spending some valuable time learning cooking lessons on your favorite recipes? If you love Italian & Tuscan cuisine and want to learn to make them at home, then you don’t have to think twice – enroll in one of our various customized cooking classes designed just for you. The cooking classes will be conducted by expert chefs in the historical castle called ‘Castello La Torre.’ The cooking school Castello La Torre is a member of the IFWA is located by the Arno River in Florence, Italy. Share the gourmet kitchen that was once used by famous personalities who had a glorious history about them.

Italy is divided into twenty provinces which vary distinctly from each other culturally and traditionally. The eating habits are also different from each other. Tuscany has its own traditional cuisine. The traditional recipes have been handed down from one generation to another without bringing about even a minute divergence from the original recipe. So you can learn to make these dishes in their original style and enjoy the real Tuscany through its food.

The Tuscan cooking classes are designed to suit your requirements. Be it only basics or an entire menu or more deep, to learn in detail the secrets of traditional Tuscan cuisine, you can choose what you want to learn. The cooking courses are offered in three different varieties:


SIngle Day
Single Day
  Basic Class
  (4 Hrs)
€ 140
  Advanced Class
  (5 Hrs)
€ 190

Our Popular introductory cooking class introducing you to Tuscan Cuisine's & finest wines. Enjoy a four to five hours cooking class that will teach you all the basics that are required for preparing the traditional recipes.
Multiple Days
  Participant € 175 per day

Food lovers who wish to spend about two-three days to learn the basics of Tuscan cuisine, making different kinds of breads and the recipes of a complete menu in the traditional manner, can enroll in this course.
Weekly Adventure
Weekly Adventure
€ 2,200
€ 1,800

A memorable cooking vacation in the historic kitchen of Castello La Torre for a whole week with hands-on experience to learn in detail all the magical ingredients and techniques that go into the making of a complete Tuscan meal.