Italian wine DOCG

The Italian Wine DOCG course will be conducted at the historic castle La Torre that is located close to the River Arno in Florence. The castle has a historical significance in relation to the visits of several famous personalities like King Charles VIII of France and Pier Capponi of Florence. Visitors enrolled to this wine tasting course can be a part of the historical castle and explore its wine cellars and magnificent vineyards. The course will help you appreciate Italian DOCG wines. The four hour course in English will be conducted by a professional wine taster.

The participants can take home a wine tasting kit and can also enjoy a visit to the wine cellars and vineyards. The session would comprise techniques involved in appreciating some Italian DOCG wines, a briefing on the kind of grapes used for making these wines and the effects of soil and climate on the wine quality.

Another interesting aspect of wines is serving them in an appropriate manner. There are several points to be kept in mind while doing so. The course will update you on how to serve wine, about the different kinds of wine glasses, cork and corkscrews, wine bottles and the use of the Aroma Wheel.

Complementing and Selecting Wines

Learn the art of choosing the right kind of wine that will compliment the food on your dining table. There are certain points to be kept in mind while selecting your favorite wines for the cellar. Familiarize yourselves with a few selection techniques that you can make use of for selecting the best wines.

Sampled Italian DOCG Wines

Brunello di Montalcino, Sfurzat, Amarone, Nero D'Avola, Barolo


The participation fee per participant is €220.
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Italian wine DOCG