‘Wine rejoices the heart of man and joy is the mother of all virtues.’

Good wine cannot be ignored by any food lover. They have such intoxicating flavors that make them one of the most essential elements on the dining table on any occasion or celebration. As a wine enthusiast, it will be an added advantage to know the basics of wine tasting and to be able to appreciate the wine on your table. Our cooking school at La Torre, a member of the IFWA, is conducting wine tasting classes for those who are interested to know more about wines and wine tasting.

La Torre is a historic castle situated beside the Arno River in Florence. The wine tasting classes will be conducted here and the participants will get an opportunity to explore the surrounding areas, visit the wine cellars and vineyards of the castle. The classes will throw light upon the various processes involved in wine making and techniques implicated in tasting the different varieties of wines.

The wine tasting classes will be conducted by professional wine tasters in English. They will also brief you about the history of wine making, latest trends in the wine industry, innovations, geographical and cultural influences and all the basics that should be kept in mind while tasting wines. The environment will be friendly and fun-filled ad make you feel completely at home. You can enroll in any of the courses offered. There are three types of wine tasting classes: